Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Most Wanted and Sought After SMASHBOOKS are HERE!!!

It's OK, just SMASH it in. There's always room, just like the junk drawer. Nothing's right, Nothing''s wrong. It's all YOURS. We say glue in the gladness. A note, a "QUOTE". A thought to Jot. A snipping, a clipping, the idea that's caught. A card, a regard, a tidbit, a smidgen. A doodle of a poodle or the feather of a pigeon. It's the smatterings of ordinary, extraordinary life. Messy and Beautiful!!!!!

**SMASHBOOKS**are sweeping the world, and we have them here at Jazzy Crafts!!!! These books won't stay on the shelves for long, so come by and get yours while they last!!!

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