Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You for Your Business

Dear Valued Customers,

I'm writing to you today to ask for your help.  Jazzy Crafts has been experiencing extremely slow sales in the last six months due to construction on CV Blvd and the state of the general economy.  The result is Jazzy Crafts is struggling financially and won't be able to stay open much longer unless sales volume increases significantly this next quarter.  This is still a new business and it needs your help to grow.

If you would like to see Jazzy Crafts stay open to provide you with great craft supplies, crops and parties, I need your help.  If all of my wonderful customers could come in to shop an extra time and get a crafty friend who hasn't been here to come in too I could make it past this tough time and stay open.

As a small business owner I love building relationships with my customers and providing them with the personalized service you can't get at the chain stores.  I enjoy providing you with the craft supplies and ideas that we all love and really want to continue to do so.  We are very thankful for your business and know that it is because of you that we are here.

Many thanks,


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