Monday, October 25, 2010

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bo Bunny Box Project

Hi Everyone:

It has been a while since I posted on the blog, but I'm still around. I'm not much of a crafter myself, but recently had idle time and asked Jasmine if she had a craft project I could work on. Not surprisingly she did and so I have created my first masterpiece in paper! She gave me a craft kit from Bo Bunny to create a 6 inch square box. The box kit was quite a bit of fun for me and allowed me to use my manly construction skills along with a little "guided" creativity from Bo Bunny. My box is not exactly like their pictured example, as I decided to change a couple of small details. It's the perfect project for the "paint by the numbers" crafter like me, but would also be a very fun project for the experienced crafter too.

The instructions you follow are not perfect, but adequate for most people. For example, I was not sure how exactly to do the hinge for the top, but found that placing strips of paper on both the top and the bottom was the way to go. It was how the sides and bottom were attached to each other, so I figured I'd do the same for the lid. You also have to move that piece of chipboard forward a bit to make a good lid for the box. If you wanted to make the box a tad more sturdy so it would stand up to a lot more use, I would consider using slightly thicker chipboard and putting fabric strips on the hinge instead of paper. Younger crafters could do this with a little construction help from Mom and Dad.

The pictures I used were printed from iPhoto on our iMac using the Epson PictureMate Dash. iPhoto allowed me to give a slight Antique look to the pictures which I thought better matched the old fashioned look of these papers. The PictureMate dash also makes extremely durable archival quality prints that stand up to long term light exposure and even moisture better than store bought prints, which is why we sell that printer at Jazzy Crafts.

I used a dot roller for some of the adhesive needs, but would recommend a glue like 3 in 1 or Zip Dry for the pictures, outside edges of your paper, and the chip board cutouts. Essentially anything that might be subject to a little extra wear can be glued. If you get too much glue on the edge that oozes out, then just roll it off with your fingers before it dries completely. You need sand paper, good scissors like the Tonic Micro-Serrated type I used, a circle cutter is nice, and a Tonic paper trimmer and Score-It board are nice additions too. I found that a brown marker was the easiest way to darken the edges of the chipboard and it produces a nice finished look to the project's exposed edges.

Overall it is a fun craft project that produces a usable box that can be displayed openly for everyone to enjoy. The box could be used for a gift, for storing photos up to 4x6, or for just about anything you would put in a decorative box. I have to say I really loved doing this project and now have the skills to apply to other areas as well. We have these and other project kits available at Jazzy Crafts all the time. With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to get starting on your decorative crafts and gifts.

Mr. Jazzy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monthly Kids Craft

Haunted Halloween Head Wreath
Join us for our monthly kids craft class this Wednesday (and the 3rd Wed and Sat of each month) at 3:30 to make this fun Halloween decoration for just $15. Ages 7-99

EXTRA DATE JUST ADDED:   10/30/10, 3-5:30pm