Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mr. Jazzy goes to CHA

Well it looks like the first post to this blog is going to be mine.  I'm Scott and I'm married to the owner of Jazzy Crafts, Jasmine, aka "Jazzy".  Jasmine, Rita, Julie, and I all got back from CHA late Monday - actually we'll call it early Tuesday!  Jasmine is busy with additional ordering and other "business stuff", so I decided to take the lead and get our new blog going.  You'll be hearing from her, Rita, Julie and others on the team as we move forward with the blog and figure out what you want to hear about.  We've got A LOT of new things we want to share with everyone and new products coming to Jazzy Crafts real soon.

The show itself was incredibly fun and educational, even for a guy that isn't all that crafty!  I even made a craft of my own during the one craft class I was designated to attend.  Check out the picture of my sock monkey bag.  A big thanks to the gals from for hosting a great class. I knew how to use glue and scissors going in, but that was it.  Thankfully that was most of what I needed to know, but I did learn a very basic back stitch in order to make the mouth and eyebrows for my sock monkey face!  It turned out pretty good and shows how easy it is to give a simple bag a fun personality.

I admit it.  I groaned and whined about having to do a class using Petaloo flowers.  I'm a guy and that's what we do when it's not our idea.  I also have to admit that it turned out to be fun! Don't get me wrong, Petaloo has a fantastic product that can be used a million ways to embellish anything.  I'm just used to telling customers about them, not using them myself.  I usually leave the crafts to Jasmine, Rita, and Julie!

As for the rest of the team, they were all learning about new products and finding new and fun things to do.  Be sure that we'll be coming up with some new craft classes in the near future and we'll have some additional choices for our young crafters to choose from too.  Jasmine, Rita, and Julie will be posting to the blog soon and it will keep on coming.  Check back soon!

Scott (Mr. Jazzy)